you might call it entropy

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And that would be workable if you didn't want to learn from it or fix it, but I'm hearing the old time conservatives bellowing about this progressive tolerance gonna take us down the toilet... echoes from many decades ago.

What I wouldn't give for just one Herb Caen column on this....

Mae out there giving her all for the truth behind the official stories and the lies published in the media, and cautioning always that the polemic, the division, the fighting between factions is THE necessary ingredient to keep the people in abjection.

If you never knew San Francisco, you probably don't give a damn, but I've known San Francisco since I was a toddler. It's true I could not live there and sleep — one or the other but not both — but I spent so very many days of my life there, and nights, and this is exactly what those dour old conservatives were telling me would happen if we did not take measures to conserve what makes us "us"... not let ourselves be subsumed by "them".

And by "them" I don't mean any race or what have you. I just mean people immigrating into our city and not integrating into its culture, people here to advance their careers, to make bucks, to join a resentful minority to turn into a majority, to take paradise and turn it into a parking lot.

Tolerance of one's fellow humans should never be abandoned, but welcoming them with open arms like long lost cousins because you want to be "nice" or to "virtue signal" or even to help turn home into pavement, is how you get THIS.

And don't you for a split second conclude from this that I'm blaming the homeless people here. No, I hope they beat the overpaid posturing psychopaths who did this to San Francisco. I hope they break in and shit on your expensive rugs inside your wildly unattainably expensive living quarters, okay? GTFO. We need our city back.

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