he doesn't have this problem

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He has the problem of not crediting well over half of those from whose minds and works he steals to weave his wildly entertaining hypotheses, and tends to mold them to suit the appetites of his audiences a bit more than could be deemed strict honesty. A left brain of nearly crippling capacity, I believe it's eaten the callosal commissure and overtaken the right hemisphere's functions altogether. Even his appreciation of music is pushed like toothpaste through a Pentagon replica tube, going in or coming out.

A lot of this is the same old story, but mayhap Granny Fussbudget was ill or medicated or particularly distracted by some happy thought because he cuts loose with a few more tidbits we used to have to buy his books and read them in order of publication to find out about. As though we all had the four or five hundred dollars that would take and the months to wade through their typo-laden ministrations... or could abide being treated like school children whose penalty for having been born is to have our brains squeezed through that Pentagon replica tube to get to the rooms in which the salient bits are kept.

So, bearing all that in mind, and if you are given to the notion that money, in the end, must adhere to some cosmic accounting, an alchemy predicated on what you believe constitutes the physical medium, and I am not, you would enjoy some of this... maybe even most of this. But if you bother to spend two hours on this, I wish you would come back here and tell me how the de-occulting of what is known about the physical medium would mandate a change in the monetary system, that very mechanism about which I was just lamenting in the Dilma situation.

Should I be sniping that correlation does not always reveal or prove causation? Should I be screaming about right-hemispherically-challenged geniuses being so idiotic as to suppose that a metaphor controls the thing it's used to describe? What if yer trapped under Rumsfeld's old desk and not squeezing all the way through the tube? Just look how the fashion of using computer science as a metaphor for the human brain is working out, and then tell me what a good idea that was, hmm?

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