i'm losing faith

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In this guy's judgment, too, but it's not gone... just waning. It's pretty clear to me that if his faith in Trump is merited, Trump would not have said this... yes, yes, there's a gun to his head, but anyone running for president knows that before they throw their hat in the ring.

It's probably even true that Trump only did it to create a stir and never even began to think he'd win, but he won, and he's not in charge of anything. Not anything. Any of his victories to date have been due to people working clandestinely against the guys with the gun to his head... not because of him, but despite him.

We only got this chance because Hillary did not win. Don't knock it. But, also, don't lose your shit and succumb to the fear-mongering going on right now, even by people we normally trust, because they're OLD and, while they may be paragons of sensibility, they are also still programmed by many decades of hard mental conditioning, including the ultra-fancy stuff from some top ranked universities.

They are afraid.

Take it from me, this fucks with judgment in a big way.

Don't succumb. You need to be able to keep screaming "Horse shit!" to anyone acting like Britain has anything resembling evidence against Russia in this stupid spy case.

And, fer crapsakes, if you can identify it, you can also MAKE it.

Repeat after me: Horse shit!

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