the other parts i hated

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I hated the president bragging about our embassy in Jerusalem, and his Iran horse shit. I believe those are his genuinely held shit head opinions, and I hate them.

I very seriously hated the bloviating about Venezuela. Just like his colorful little strafing of an air base in Syria and that mother of all bombs pop gun in Afghanistan, it is ONLY Trump picking his "dignity" over admitting the deep state keeps doing shit he can either own or be seen to be helpless to prevent.

He's helpless to prevent them, but he has the EXCUSE that it isn't good for us to have our chief executive look weak, or for the world to know the president isn't in charge.

I find myself having to admit that the only plus side to knowing he has all the goods on the evil and treasonous fucks who have cost so many lives over so many decades is that he can use that to back them off trying to assassinate him. I don't want him dead because the big bozo loves us and he has put a bad cramp in the psychopaths' style.

If there were ever any actual congruence between Q and The Donald, it was ONLY about making sure the psychopaths knew what he has on them. Probably not even that, but also maybe that because it is not always doable to get word directly to the concerned parties, even if you know who they are, but especially if you're not sure.

Beside these, I loved the SOTU last night and it filled me with patriotic feeling.

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