i hate them

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But no one has the right to say if it's murder or a woman's prerogative. They are no laughing matter for any woman, however determined she may be, and, except in cases of severe mental instability, you won't hear one making light of it. Yes, we are indeed seeing more cases of severe mental instability, but it's MENTAL INSTABILITY, not love of murder.

If the fetus will be dead or brain dead or severely handicapped, or the mother's life is at stake, a late term abortion is, for everyone's sake, mercy, but beyond that, should never be performed. Fine to have her carry the baby to term and put it up for adoption if she's waited that long to make up her mind against having a baby.

With legal abortion and nearly infallible birth control, we ought to be able to agree on that much, but before it gets to "late term", there's no way we can ever agree — no way to objectively KNOW — and so no way is it right to make it illegal. I thought we were there, long since.

But political pigs can, evidently, evaporate what we already know and turn it into a wedge issue to keep us all mindfucked for their own purposes.

Assholes in white pantsuits. Blackface governors. And the president.

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