evidence piling up atom by atom

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I wonder if I can find somewhere a cogent listing of all the bits of evidence the nukequake may have been manmade. We can no longer, truthfully, doubt that HAARP is capable of producing earthquakes, or, really, that this can be directed at a specific target, but, even if you don't hold with any of that, this bit of information is one you might want to file in yer coconut.

An AP headline this morning read "Japan Nuke Plants Ordered to Prepare for Aftershocks"... after there have been already a thousand of them. And BB2 rang in this morning with the "news" that the ocean off Fukushima is becoming more radioactive.

I finally went and watched that abortion of a nukes discussion on the Chopra channel last night, and it certainly furthered our knowledge not even an ion's worth.

So. It's worth it to me to keep the mind open, to catch the bits of truth that are certainly orbiting around out there, hard to find as they may be.


Input from a time/alternate-universe traveler.... I'm hoping this gets as silly as humanly possible.


Documentary on LSD for the enjoyment of all my doper friends.