i don't like this guy, but a lot of insight can come from listening to him

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For instance, he is wrong about the cathedrals built on the lay line running through Britain. They were built atop Druid sacred sites as the Christians were slaughtering the Druids wholesale. That is a crucial distinction, but, even so, he has his facts straight.

I don't like him because he spouts all this blather about being the reincarnation of some dead mystic, Edgar Cayce, and he really knows how to milk the new agers. He panders to people's multifarious religious convictions more smoothly than any bogusly pious politician you ever endured. I know one needs must go something along this route if one wants to make a living at what one loves, but I don't have to like it.

So, anyway, notwithstanding all that, this is worth your time. There's all kine information in it about what's up with the whole solar system heating up and severe storms and earthquakes whipping up on all the planets. Among other things, this information can make you positive all those vexing naysayers of anthropogenic global warming are NOT just a bunch of uneddicated corporate Republithug rubes. They have a SOUND basis for their argument, and their screaming about the global elite going to tax everyone's carbon footprint is not farfetched at all. They used to tax the air. They will again, if given the chance. They are taking it, and we are giving it to them.

He does a nice job of laying out honest to goodness FACTS and whether or not you agree with what he makes of them, the material is fascinating and can help you put together your own take on what's what. In fact, it could be that all this clogging the air with toxins and metals is an attempt to stave off the worst effects on the planet scientists believe are coming. You might think Wilcock is being airy fairy to have such a wildly positive view of the net gain from all this, but you should hear him out. Even if you've heard this before, as I have, I think it's a good idea to listen again... because what he was talking about here, back in 2009, is really happening, stultifyingly noticeably, all around us now.

It's the weekend. Splurge.


One of the channels to which I subscribe is uploading this whole thing in fifteen-minute increments. Some of you may be more easily able to play it that way, and so I will make a playlist of the chunks and add the link to it down here as soon as I can get the whole thing for you.

Well, they only uploaded the first 2/3 of the lecture, so HERE is the playlist for the chopped up version and I will add the rest to it if they get around to uploading it.


Okay, I'm damn confused. The thing that caused me to post this was absently listening to one of the uploads from his lecture at the Project Camelot shindig a couple years ago. I went to start making a playlist for you, not from the fifteen-minute increment guy because I'd have to stay up even later to get all those, but from the original, except then I found I already had a playlist by that name. I looked, and golly, I really did! It looked to be identical. So I laughed and just posted it here with the promise to get the sliced up one for anybody who wanted it that way. No harm. No foul.

Except, this evening I decided to go back to the beginning of it because there were parts where I'd spaced out, etc, and I wanted to be able to identify the times in the lecture where he hits some good points. Lafin is feeling crabby about Jesse for being a climate change denier, and I was wanting to point out to him where in this lecture he could hear some of the other side. Fine. Right? Yes. Fine. But then I find this one, the one at the image link, is substantially different than the one it seemed I was delivering up for your consideration to begin with! Whut? Does he wear the same clothes every day? Whut? Very goddam confusing, and he's going into great detail on all kinds of balderdash on this one that he didn't do at the Camelot gig.

So I am now going to go make yet another playlist in case there's anyone left not too exhausted by it all to try to listen, and I'm going to add some links about solar system warming down here with it right after I've had some coffee and a shower, gotten over my vexation.


A bunch of the links I had have gone dead, but this should give a hint:
Global Warming on Pluto Puzzles Scientists, 2002

Storm on Jupiter Hints at Climate Change, 2006

Mars Melt Points at Solar, Not Human, Cause For Warming, 2007

Global Warming Detected on Triton, 1998

Study Says Sun Getting Hotter, 1997

Sun's Activity Increased in Past Century, 2006

Pluto is Undergoing Global Warming, 2002

Mars Hots Up, 2007

Galactic Dust Storm May Also Be Heating Our Solar System, 2005
Now I will go about trying to put together the playlist I meant for you to begin with... if feasible... and then I will return to finding as much not-flagrantly-partisan indication of the other influences that may bear in my effort to jog people out of their "everybody sez" trance.

When everyone says good is good, this is not good. —Lao Tzu

Maybe I'll go wading in my stack of Taoist classics for more on this problem with thinking things because that's what everyone in your circle thinks. Easy as hell to spot it when it's going on over there, but almost everyone is dirt blind to it on their own side, on their own part. This IS the very mechanism by which the PTB have stripped you of your gonads, almost all of your wealth and almost all of your prospects. You'd think people would be avid to drop this bullshit by now.


Nope. Sorry. I've lost patience with listening and comparing, tired of listening to a guy I don't like, but HERE, again, is the first 2/3 of the one I thought I was linking, and they finish as with the last two videos on the image link.

HERE is another page that bears heavily on the alternative theories of so called "deniers"... and if you'd rather listen to him talk about it, HERE is a nice long interview.

And Wilcock/LaViolette might even be right about more than I thought....

For my part, I'm going to kick back and listen to an out there audio book... if I can take it. [Couldn't.]

Thank you. Sorry. Onward.