i don't like this one little bit

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The internet has gone down here in the middle of the night a few nights in a row. It's not my ISP. If it's the feds working on their kill switch and on their ability to control everyone's computers—no matter what the excuse—how can that be good... or even neutral?

I long for a close association with a cyber nerd. I need somebody to help me through my site map and making Safari recognize my favicon and explain to me just what the heck kind of creepiness I need to guard against. I am not liking having to get it done the hard way, because it isn't getting done, and stuff is too hard all over the place. I'm NOT whining about it. I'm pointing it out. I'm mentioning it because it already flips me out when I hear emails ding in AFTER I've put my machine to sleep, or awaken in the middle of the night to find the monitor back on when it was supposed to be asleep. I get the willies when my processor starts going apeshit for no discernible reason. Shit happens. It happens often enough to assure me it's not just the paranoia of cluelessness.

And now this.