ignore the veracity or lack thereof in the media

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Just let's take this one example and completely disregard whether a word of it is true or not true. My point is the same either way. It was written for the sole purpose of grabbing you by your internet freedom hairs and pouring molten Russian censorship down your throat, the West throwing its hat in the Russian presidential ring.

That reset button had no effect on the controllers' ability to pushbutton a new Russian revolution. They're steamed.

What did they mean for us to take away from this piece? Putin's a bad guy. He would deny you a Twitface revolution. Medvedev is a nice little techno-savvy affable guy, a great puppet prospect, a good start on another go at a Gorbachev-like giveaway of Russia's assets to the international oligarchs who can best exploit them. Putin brought the looting of Russia to a screeching halt, neutered the oligarchs. Gorbachev owns Novaya Gazeta with one of them. He's a cute old geezer, and huggable in the extreme, but, make no mistake, the betterment of conditions for the Russian people is no part of his work. How many tons of mental conditioning do you have to muck out before you will believe me?


Directly on point: China bats it clear outta the park and through a window. Spectacular.