maybe a quick look around the rubble from the drone cam

[click image]


You will remember that the large green apparatus in each unit belongs sliding over its cooling pond. It's what moves the spent fuel rods removed from the reactor into the pools. You might note the smoke/steam roiling around under one. You might note that the yellowy rounded thing is a core containment vessel. Note the green apparatus sitting next to it instead of up a floor or two above it to one side. That means the cooling pond in that unit is completely rubble, not able to hold ANY water even for a short time. And while you are noting all these things, look at the tons of rubble all in the way of accessing anything near any of the critical materials. That robot we see working is in a control room, NOT inside the former containment structures. I don't believe anything or anyone has been near any of them in any manner that could be considered disaster mitigating. The water applications would, generously, only be considered stalling maneuvers, if you're someone who doesn't like thinking about selfless men giving their lives for nothing.

Things are NOT getting better at Fukushima.