modifying the limited hangout

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Arnie, it seems, has been dragged closer to the precipice of truth. I don't say he has been paid to mislead us, but I do say that—in the most generous possible case—his abundance of caution is aimed at not pissing off the PTB, which still has lethal consequences for living things. The only reason I've left his teeth in his mouth is the fact that he mentions that the government knows more than they are saying.

There is a LIE in here, though. Not just a careful misstatement. He shows us the heat still in the, former, core containment, and then a bit further into it he states it's still intact. We've seen that it is not. Heat still in there ONLY means all the fuel has/had, depending on when that image is from, not been blown out of it, or flowed out of it... and it would be likely to stay hot in any case, no?

So. Nice try, Arnie.