morning bright

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Gilad Atzmon brings glad tidings.
Ahead of his visit to the country, Dershowitz’ lectures were offered (without any charge) at the three leading Norwegian universities. These universities, who on earlier occasions had been happy to host Harvard Scholar Stephen Walt and Israeli historian Ilan Pappe, clearly said ‘no’ to Dershowitz.
The black ops are probably spreading through Norway right this very now to set up cells to foment a Norwegian color revolution...


I was dreaming of a large community. Something bad had gone wrong in the trees. 86 was young and competent to every threat again. We were doing something about it. So, while it wasn't a happy dream, it has made me feel better. People who loved and took care of each other and the earth. No one hypnotized. No one imprinting our survival with their dread and doom.

Toxins notwithstanding, it's a beautiful world, and you can't forget that or we are doomed.