serious about health

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As you might imagine, I am heartily sick of all these ailments cropping up. It's as though I was allotted fifty years of perfect health and eight, so far, years of darn sub-optimal health. Some of it is coming from letting things slide while I felt so crappy. This is coming to a screeching halt.

If I, in fact, have Hashimoto's thyroiditis, I can expect inflammation to continue to be a problem. So. I mitigate as best I can and I supplement with things that help. Since there's more radiation hitting me, I'm also doing things about that. Since I'm getting older, I'm damn well going to do things that help keep me fit.

I just spent most of my grocery money on the best supplements for inflammation control and detoxifying. I got the multi-vitamin that has iodine in it and iron, and I take a kelp tablet every day. I'm taking bentonite clay in a liquid formulation to help get rid of toxins and radioactive isotopes. I'm drinking minty chlorophyl. I'm eating flaxseeds and taking other water-soluable fibers. I'm taking the fish/borage oil. The monster Vitamin D and B-12 and C supplements. Plus, turmeric and ginger. And my baby aspirin and antihistamine, plus any ibuprofen or antibiotic needed for the tooth bullshit. Then PRObiotics to mitigate for that. Don't fuck with me.

The good part about this is that when you ingest this much extra stuff every day, being sure to drink a lot of water with it all, you don't have that much room left for FOOD. So you don't really miss all the stuff yer not supposed to be eating anyway, and you get or stay svelte instead of all-American tubbo.

The woman ahead of me at the pharmacy yesterday made my bones turn to powder. I swear, you could have fit three of me in each leg of her horrifically awful capris. Viewed from a distance, she looked like an old VW Beetle with a volley ball balanced on top. The volleyball was wearing a long, stringy wig that was straight and dark brown for about a third of its length and then some frizzy orange making up the rest of the ponytail. Luckily my shock and awe was masked by the fact that I was already holding my face from tooth pain.

I overheard the clerk trying to be diplomatic while speaking of this woman's medication, indicating that "overweight" people need to take a different dosage for it to be effective.

Well. I guess SO.

This was maybe the fattest person I've seen in years, but, honestly, I notice when someone is NOT overweight around here. I think this may be heavily to do with how difficult it is to find any just plain food containing just plain nutrients this far out of the metropole, but also, I think this may be everywhere more in evidence nowadays, even where plenty of clean food can still be found. They are loading poison into the lab food they are passing off on us as groceries, and it's all extremely fattening.

It has always been the case that I can eat as many calories as I want and not get fat, but any chemicals and the weight starts flying onto my form dizzyingly quickly. I have hollered at my mother and sister for years that they could stop all these frustrating fad diets and stay thinner if they would JUST stop consuming things full of chemicals, stop eating packaged food and all that food-flavored plastic from the frozen foods isles. OMG, it's horrific.

While at the health food store this evening, there was an old man there, puzzling over the labels like crazy. He finally asked me if I thought "dextrose" meant there was sugar in it. I nodded. He frowned and put the bottle down. So. EVEN the supplements that are supposed to be good for you do their best to bullshit you into consuming them when you aren't supposed to be ingesting half the things in them. AND, while I'm thinking of it, many "health food" stores sell SOY MARGARINE as though that's a healthy alternative to regular margarine. It's hydrogenated soybean oil. It's carcinogenic AND coats yer arteries with deadly plaque. Better to use plain old butter than that shit. Okay?

So, anyway, I'm losing those pounds I was griping about. Five down and a minimum of five left to go. And I'm losing the toxins circulating in my system. I'm just getting used to the fact that my environment is too radioactive; I can't get away from it; I just have to try to live with it; and so I'm putting the good stuff that fights the bad stuff in me.

As soon as I am able to command armies, EVERYTHING will be fixed.