some things we ought to bear in mind

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There are things I think we all need to get used to, things we need to fight from sliding back to our mental defaults, our conditioned mentalities, to keep front and center. There is NO doubt the powers that be have made a conscious and concerted and successful effort to keep us ignorant of some salient facts, and this ignorance has constructed the hell going on all around us right this very now.

The laws of physics are NOT only as we've been taught. There is more, and it unifies—maybe not the way they want, but it works—and they have known it for maybe a hundred years, but certainly seventy-five or eighty. Einstein and a couple others came up with it in the mid-1920s, but for some reason it got retracted or buried by the press of events and the full court press of the media of the day on quantum mechanics. Tesla was onto it some fifteen or twenty years earlier, and we all know what happened to that. There have been a number of devoted scientists, doctors, electronics nerds, historians, and freelance human beings trying to get it to our ears for all this time, but the mainstream has succeeded in precision counterpoint all this time as well, drowning them out, marginalizing them, buying or scaring or suiciding them into silence, just generally making a hash of every opportunity we might have gotten to get the idea over the course, by now, of our ENTIRE lives.

Not only is it not knowledge allowed to the general public, it is not allowed in our universities. It's verboten. Monster muscle has been applied to keep it off our decks completely. Every single time you pay your power bill you are answering one of the major reasons why, and I wish people would quit falling for this taking decades to revamp the infrastructure to accommodate GOATSNOT. We can turn on a dime. We want it, we got it. You KNOW that. So why do you let ASSHOLES put it to you otherwise without smacking that crap right off their smug pusses? Whether they even know what they're doing, they're trying to make your life an utter hell. So it's actually KIND to smack them when they do it.

This is actual. This is not fantasy. This is not "out there" in fact; it is only "out there" insofar as it has been shoved out there for a hundred years or more. They have been "teaching" us only what they want us to think for all those years and more, getting gradually more blatant about it over the decades. It is NOT just the media doing it to us. It is also the schools, the guys with all kine letters after their names, the pundits and authors on just about everything you can think of. It's running our world.

One little for instance from my own experience: I have a bad thyroid problem. I have NEVER had an abnormal thyroid reading in any of the many, many, many blood tests they've taken on me. It has been BLATANT that this is the matter here, but the statistics don't account for it. If the statistics don't account for it, all kinds of money can be made off this funny little glitch in the statistical model that rules modern American medicine. Someone whose thyroid isn't functioning properly is going to incur all kinds of glorious medical bills. One must PLEAD with one's doctor to just treat the thyroid anyway, and SOME of them will do it, because they KNOW FULL WELL it is the problem, but if they veer outside those numbers, their insurers jump down their throats and END their careers.

That's actual. That's fact. That is but one itty example of the principle running our world.

So, if you bother to really look at things, you will find this going on everywhere. There is ONE reason for it. YOU let them. I'm not going to scream at you for your pusillanimity and desire to suffer endlessly rather than face down the beast, but I'd like to remind you that there are getting to be some pretty fucking awesomely lethal consequences all around you.

This world does NOT have to be this way.

All it takes is you changing your mind.

I'm sorry about all the too many hours it takes to catch my drift through the links I provide, but I am not able to describe this stuff so it actually gets in there, lodges in your brain... and neither are these others who are so much better at explaining the fundamentals because they're all having to be weirdos to get along. Some embrace it. Others let it ruin them. But the problem here is that I know stuff through my not-left brain. I can look at the scientific papers and manage to catch their drift in my own geometrically-driven learning process, but it doesn't translate into a language. I've tried everything. My whole life. So all I can tell you for sure is this is NOT bullshit and it's damn important you pay attention.


I mean, even in the spare Dakotas, doesn't THIS make you want it?


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