almost enough voltage to power my house without them

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I was awakened some two and a half hours after I'd fallen asleep by the brute news from the power company that they were sorry but they had to turn off the power to my house for a couple hours. This of course made it impossible to sleep through it, as I surely would have if they'd just not announced the sudden interruption, and, of course, that couple hours turned into more like five... but who's counting?

I am upright by dint of wildly misfiring nerve fiber alone... was just at the point of trying to turn on my computer by holding the plug in my mouth.

I have no clue if I will drop now or come to the party. I honestly don't know. I'm going to have some COFFEE! Jesus. Shit. Yes, coffee... but that is no indicator of whether I get up or go down. I'm just hoping to smooth out the misfiring nerves.