the disappearing 'quake', obl and other geopolitical outrages

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Old Uncle Dave has brought it to my attention that Russia is still publishing bits about Ofucker's big OBL lie. I'm almost ready to start believing he was never ill and is still happily roaming the earth, with no particular religious agenda whatever, because of the hugeness of all the conflicting stories coming from every direction. The ONE thing I'm CERTAIN about in this mess is that no SEAL team killed him. But my point in bringing it up here is that I find myself pleased by indications that Russia is challenging Ofucker and Company... China, too.

I posted this Libya map to remind everyone that the disappeared "quake" that took place on the far northwesternmost corner of Libya is far from opposition-held territory, easily accessible by Qaddafi or by any allies by land or by sea. If it was a nuke, it was meant to back off the onslaught. I don't think Libya has nukes, but they might, but for sure Russia and China do, and BOTH have been bucking this attack pretty hard, with increasing candor. If that was a nuke, it would definitely account for why the "quake" went so quickly off the global monitoring sites. It would have been a clear message that somebody means business, the kind of business we didn't know we were bargaining for when we popped our suit buttons announcing to the world we were booting out Qaddafi, without so much as a by-your-leave. I am rooting for "the bad guys" because they are the only hope for the eventual redemption of We The People.

While looking at RT's OBL piece, I noticed Chris Busby has come out again to speak of the meltdowns in Fukushima, the fact that fissioning has been ongoing since the start. This is another atrocity it looks increasingly as though has been caused by sociopaths using our semi-secret technology to pull off. Japan has made a number of bold moves away from allegiance to those sociopaths in recent years and has had the power to topple their control. So there is PLENTY of reason to suspect the nukequake was not "an act of God". If that sounds goofy to you, maybe you want to check the stuff I've linked about HAARP recently. It will be time-consuming, but not altogether unpersuasive.

And, from Sam, comes the news that Iran is helping Venezuela build missile bases, something not at all unexpected, since they announced it a year or two ago, but the Russians have similar arrangements with Venezuela, and none of this bodes well for averting WWIII. It still shows, though, unequivocally, that the aggressor has been the United States, or, more precisely, those in control of our government, media, military, economy and secret technology. We don't have ANY control of ANY institution in our country and maniacs are loose upon the world.

The general point, here, is the United States of America is NOT the good guys anymore, for real. Keeping in mind that our elected officials are not necessarily in charge of anything at all, but have committed all the war crimes and crimes against humanity and Constitution killings and police actions and wall-to-wall lethal propaganda and outright apocalyptic LIES of recent years nonetheless, if none of that has convinced you, THIS should.