generous impulses are dealt with harshly

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You know I flit around the tubes, trying to catch fits and snatches of what is up with people on any number of fronts, and I've heard a LOT of boneheads dissing Strauss-Kahn to the skies for either working at the IMF at all or for raping this poor recently-wealthy hotel maid. It's pretty ridiculous.

The main point they are trying to obfuscate is that Strauss-Kahn had been showing overt signs of giving people some real relief, and one must always bear in mind that a lot of the power movers are locked into their roles, cannot deviate, or might as well not because of the swiftness with which their altruism is rectified. This does NOT excuse them, but remembering it, bearing it in mind, might help you not sound like such a jackass when discussing things... no... sorry... I couldn't help it... I mean to say, here, that bearing it in mind can help you with the necessary clarity to cope with it.