i can dream

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I got myself THE kiss of my life in my dreams last night. Whoa. It was too short, but I'm not mentioning it by way of complaint. I'm telling you this so you understand that it really was THE kiss. That's probably the most still in my coconut to mention, but it was delivered by a brand new man who was born, probably, thousands of years ago... maybe tens of thousands... well... maybe I should not speculate because it could well be that I'm trying to articulate something that has no time frame on it at all.

Whoa. If I find him on the street I'm gonna go out like a light, splatter my face on the pavement.

You can laugh and point if you want, but I have dreamed about guys before I met them a few times in my life, and, yes, this time I only hope it, while before I didn't know it until after they popped up. Thing is... I think I already know this one and he was just coming in disguise.

His hair was gray, not white, but gray, and he was wiry, and physically seeming younger than his hair. Strong but not imposing in any overt way. We were in some sort of city ruins or maybe inside some huge warehouse ruins. It was a mix of being in the world and being enclosed in rooms sort of feel, generally dark, with lots of light from campfires on the ground or stuff burning in barrels. He was the bright one, and funny, and was great protection. It struck me somewhere in there that he was not thought of highly by people, sort of passed over... or misunderstood... or too threatening to what everybody thinks. A flash of recognition that I was hooking up with someone not seen to be in my league, and then a moment of concern for people's blindness, and he led me through the labyrinth. Something powerfully good was our destination.

Wow. I haven't stressed that kiss enough. One might almost want to call it a bolt of lightning, or a highly pleasurable zap from contact with a live wire. It was the best kiss of all the utterly fantastically transcendentally fabulous kisses in which I have ever had the privilege to find myself engaged. We should get that much straight.

There was much more to the dream, and much more to him, but I'm going to have to wait to see if the rest if it will form up well enough in my walking around muddle to add here later.