i'm not ready for the world

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You might wish to save some of these from Google Video before it's defunct.

After a life full of relatively good experiences with dentists, I seem to finally have stumbled upon the meaning of the famous fear-of-dentists gig. She inflicted so much collateral damage yesterday that I have had to set the entire ordeal off in a fuming underworld somewhere far off to the right of my cosmos.

Hard on the heels of this unpleasantness came the great modem swap with the local cable company. They felt my connection was not sped up to lightning per recent upgrades because I was still using the old modem. This was to entail nothing more than the swap and a call to the main headquarters to "provision" this new modem. Pause for deep cleansing sigh. It seems the lady at the counter in Crescent City is resistant to change. She did it wrong, and there was NO restoring me to connection until someone came out this morning and rectified the complete mess.

I, of course, was LUCID as heck between midnight and four and didn't fall asleep until an hour before the cable saint arrived, and I hear tell there were problems with Blogger comments earlier. There don't seem to be now, but one can never say for sure.

I have tried to look at what's going on in the world, but either it's just not a day where world news has anything to add to itself or it all just seems to be beneath the amount of energy it takes to so much as link it and I will fire back up once all this high vexation has completely cleared off my decks.

Frank Capra movies. Frank Capra movies. Perfect background for a nap....