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I dipped into the well of "black" websites in the course of my bumming about Gil. I object to them. I object to humans dividing ourselves into races. I am not colorblind. I just object to it and always have. I object to it with indians, too, but am always vexed by those, like, say, Sherman Alexi, who leap to attribute both my love of indians and my objection to racial division as only my wannabe honky blood talking.

I started reading the site where I got this image of Brian—I cropped Gil out of it because I never liked that picture of him—and there linked in memoriam to Kenneth B. Clark was a video I've hated since I first saw it. He was a psychologist after all, and few of them ever see to help elevate us from our moronic excuses for succumbing to the lure of licensed victimhood. Justifiable as heck, and lethal, and HUMAN stupidity continues to sink us further into this quicksand. The way to halt the metastasis of wasichu's malignancy is not to identify as his victim... not in separation or in integration or in denial. I hate that video so much because all those gorgeous young ladies are whining about not knowing which African tribe to claim as their own.


My lungs trade places looking at those black toddlers picking the white dolls. Of COURSE they're going to pick the white dolls! Everything that comes in from the outside world is white, even with blacks in it. And this is even true in countries where everybody's dark-skinned. TV, magazines, movies.... They all grew up being imprinted with the chicness and virtue of white people. This is NOT all wasichu's fault. The hitch comes in where victims succumb to the cheap righteousness of Victimhood. That is NOT wasichu. That is delusion. That is weakness. That is ego grasping for excuses not to RISE.

As a teenager, I was very big on the hope of so much racial mixing that there wouldn't be any more races to come up with all this bullshit. Some people think that is racist. I think it is the only way humans are going to stop making shit up to torture ourselves with. There's no more TIME for this bullshit.