night of the living dead

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I want you to tell me what is wrong with this picture.

I'm thinking that if it doesn't horrify you, I maybe really do need that cave in China pretty damn badly. I don't think spiritual mistresses lament with as much adrenaline as I do. I know they feel things more deeply than others, but I'm having a question about the velocity. It is some distant consolation to mull over the benefits of harnessing it... sending more people flying in every direction without touching them... but... well... it may be assuming even that could pierce the lethal brume smudging out the highlights of inner space. Too hasty. Too hasty.

Sometime earlier I wandered over to a couple blogs that used to harbor evidence of insight, and horrified myself badly. I don't know if they were always that lightless or if toxic fog has spread. I'm thinking, honestly, that my fog has lifted... if not exactly my energy and vitality. I'm also doing something else uncharacteristic, for drill. I'm skimming the comments. I think I'm doing that to check to see who might be kicking. No one... well... one was kicking hard as a brahma bull, but... he wrapped up by saying that blog had suddenly become fun to frequent, which knocked him out of the running.

There is this one guy who goes by the same lame screen name everywhere, and graces almost every thread with seeeriously lamentably idiotic and DULL pronouncements. He unerringly appears on the threads of most of the blogs I know about where the blogger is both lefty and clearly very intelligent. He has irked me for a few years. It just struck me that he is coming from black ops somewhere... perhaps a program without even a human supervising... strictly for the purposes of clouding the mental processes of persons coming in the hope of engaging in the high art of meaningful interaction.

Maybe I just need to eat a steak and knock back a "grape juice" [cognac] or two, wot? The coffee doesn't seem to be doing it for me lately. Maybe I haven't been vigilant enough about taking my shoes off before I come back into the house and the particulate death is accumulating too thickly. Maybe I'm really only suffering because I'm placebo-proof and unhypnotizable. It could be that the whole problem is the recent sleepiness of most of my favorite corners of Out There. Or, truly, there's another evolution going on here and it's stronger and bumpier than those that have gone before.