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Army engineers said they will open a key spillway along the bulging Mississippi River as early as Saturday and inundate thousands of homes and farms in parts of Louisiana's Cajun country to avert a potentially bigger disaster in Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

About 25,000 people and 11,000 structures could be in harm's way when the gates on the Morganza spillway are unlocked for the first time in 38 years.

"Protecting lives is the No. 1 priority," Army Corps of Engineers Maj. Gen. Michael Walsh said aboard a boat from the river at Vicksburg, Miss., hours before the decision was made to open the spillway.

The opening will release a torrent that could submerge about 3,000 square miles under as much as 25 feet of water in some areas but take the pressure off the downstream levees protecting New Orleans, Baton Rouge and the numerous oil refineries and chemical plants along the lower reaches of the Mississippi.

Engineers feared that weeks of pressure on the levees could cause them to fail, swamping New Orleans under as much as 20 feet of water in a disaster that would have been much worse than Hurricane Katrina in 2005.
I just got done listening to a bunch of people talking about the New Madrid, aka Mississippi River Valley, and first thing that flies up after it's over is this.


And the second is THIS. Still understating away, and, heavy sigh, there's a lie in this one too. There is no fuel pool at Unit 3. The basement might well be full of radioactive water, but there is no fuel pool there, and the most of the core containment that can be there is the lower portion of it... unless... unless... unless I am misinformed and the entire unit was built upside down from the specs....