this gnaws at me

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It is actually trivial, but it keeps irking me anyway.
Since then, however, the image has been claimed as genuine on a number of conspiracy forums and used to substantiate claims that the terrorist responsible for the 9/11 bombings had been killed.

The Guardian was one of the few sites to hold back from using the manipulated image on its front page, reporting the picture's existence in its live blog but questioning its legitimacy.

The image is based on a genuine photograph of Bin Laden taken in 1998 and used by the Reuters news agency.

A composite including the other photograph used to make the image was quickly posted on Twitter, and a number of users showed how easy it was to find the image already online with a simple search.

This article was amended on 3 May 2011. The username of a Tweeter was deleted from the final sentence of the piece and a link to the composite removed as the image was no longer available on Twitter.
Wouldn't it have been swell for them to have investigated what agency put out the mystery tweet? Are there any hotshots out there who can devise a way to identify the propagandists on social media and knock them out of it? Is that too futuristic? Or is it too old fashioned?


A brother dinosaur weighs in:
Let me get this straight:

A super-secret U.S. team of death-dealing operatives claims to have killed an unarmed Osama bin Laden and killed or wounded about two dozen other people in Pakistan, a nation with which we are not at war (yet), then dumped his body into the ocean saying it was custom in his homeland of Saudi Arabia—a predominately desert country—and without any objective forensics performed.

Even though several Congressmen have stated publicly that they were shown photos of the dead Osama which turned out to be fakes, the Government now tells us that this was all a victory, a great achievement and everything is now okay, although the fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya continues, as does the lethal Corexit spraying of the Gulf and the ongoing spewing of deadly radiation from the Fukushima reactors.

Despite all the celebrating over this proclaimed “achievement” over Bin Laden and his terrorists, there has been no talk of doing away with the odious Patriot Act, the Real ID Act, the Military Commissions Act or any of the other Constitution-shredding legislation rammed through a cowed and cowardly Congress and a stupefied public.

One last thought (for now): If he wasn’t armed, why didn’t they capture Osama, bring him back to stand a fair trial and prove to the world that he was behind 9/11 and that the U.S. does not pursue assassination but justice? Of course, you and I both know the answer to that one: Osama’s been dead since 2001! — Jim Marrs
About sums it up, no?


OR NOT....