this was so good i'm giving it its own post

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Would you say my antihistamine is failing me, or whut?

No kidding, this is such good stuff that I went to the backup channel to make a backup playlist to try to keep this posted despite YouTube's gleeful closure of the accounts of many of my favorites. I had to delete about ten playlists last week, because YouTube has rendered them empty, and it really broke my heart. I don't want that to happen to this interview. Especially the first half. I don't know if it will punch you as hard as it punches me, because I don't think any of you have done as much work as I have on this stuff, but, even so, this means it's important to at least get wisps of it lodged somewhere in your memory on the off chance you EVER get to the point where you yell "UNCLE!" and decide to get down to cases.


Can I get an amen?
No country on earth has a less responsible government and a less accountable government than the Americans. However, Americans will defend their own oppression, and that of the world, to the bitter end. — Paul Craig Roberts