agenda 21 is turning into something not as earth-friendly as hoped

[click image, video, two hours]


Like Communism, it sounded good on paper. In practice, it's shaping up to be a nightmare. If you had been inclined to see the UN as good guys, as I had been, their recent embrace of attacking dictatorships whose priority is the betterment of their people maybe will have given you pause.

I found I could not get through this video. Not because it isn't important to hear, and vital to Californians, particularly those in or near the Bay Area, but because I endured so many similar meetings in the course of my timber activism that I can't get too far into it without an unspeakable wrath shaking me like a rag doll. You do NOT want these boobs ringing in our future. You. Do. NOT. They fuck it up EVERY time, and they make a big show of getting your input right before they go ahead and do whatever the big boys want them to do. EVERY. TIME.

In fact, I don't know why the big boys bother to grouse about any efforts to clean up the environment because the showing of concern and the intent to act for it only makes it EASIER for them to fuck the planet and ALL its inhabitants.

You would think I would be heavily in favor of Agenda 21. I am RABIDLY against it. For one thing, it is the progenitor of the clamp-down on natural foods and supplements, but there are going to to be a thousand other horrors coming of it. This is NOT going to go our way. Don't EVEN think it.


Oh, you don't believe me? You think I'm being colorful?


I know whereof I speak. I have direct experience.