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I am about to bathe, and if I'm really ambitious, I may even brush my teeth.

I have a big mouth assessment scheduled with my old dentist in Mendo World tomorrow afternoon. He's going to fix the botch job root canal and give me some kind of estimate on getting all this mercury out of my mouth. My mother, being the teeth freak she has always been, wants also an estimate on whitening them. I drink lots of coffee. I smoke. I eat blueberries every day. I drink gallons of chlorophyll. My teeth are more the color of a bruise just now, than teeth... I'm exaggerating to express how appalled I am about it... but, while I am not pleased by all these unnaturally white clackers on movie stars and politicians, closer to natural would be good.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm off to my big old doofus dentist. I love him and miss him. And right after that I'm driving down to Stinson to see my doctor about a horse. And then I'm going to try to be back up to at least Mom's by Thursday so I don't get nailed by the holiday traffic. All depends on if I have to go get lab work done or see specialists, yadda, yadda, yadda.


How do you expect me to cope?