i betcha mister north misses c2c

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The first segment has some discussion of the Nebraska nuke plant mystery, and Hoagland coming on to free associate and name drop around NASA giving their employees a preparedness pep talk... and... some vexing reportage about something I saw earlier. Space dot com has come out with the information that this big solar maximum they've been terrifying us with for the last couple years is fizzling out already, maybe going to send us into a mini ice age, in which case our profligacy with greenhouse gasses will end up comforting us, yadda yadda yadda... well... uhm... didn't the exact same website report last week this mega-monster solar flare that it was damn lucky wasn't pointing at us? Still, and I remember this distinctly, they said we ought to feel it by last Wednesday, and, yessirreebob, I felt it... maybe still am. Suddenly the sun coming in through my open moonroof is stinging my skin. I don't forget to put my sunglasses back down over my eyes as I'm leaving buildings. I notice it, nearly as northerly as it's going to get this year, blaring into my house through my desk window every evening, obliquely through the redwoods and smacking me in the kisser whenever I'm getting up from my seat or going back down into it.

So. Does THAT count as a solar maximum fizzling out? WTF?

Anyway, I thought you might wanna think about some of the stuff in the first segment. Anyone who wants to also hear about NDEs and RV and how they overlap, should just keep right on listening... or... not.