icke and freeman interview

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Or, there are interesting/entertaining/outrageous and possibly true things to hear HERE.

It turns out the various references to Freeman Icke interviews were all the one at the image link in various disguises, but in the course of establishing this I ran across THIS.

I'm thinking that both David Icke and Freeman are really for people advanced in dropping their mental conditioning in order to listen, but at the same time they are both really good at reaching the Average Joe. I know I have enjoyed listening to all of it. No matter what you think, there's all kinds of interesting and potentially beneficial information laced all through everything at these links.


I really think Freeman has hit upon the perfect resolution of the birther issue. My personal stance on the matter is that it's moot. Ofucker's an illegal president any way you slice it, and so were far too many of his predecessors in office. It needs to STOP, not devolve into partisan bickering. Much as liberals love to dis birthers, it seems there are whole worlds full of reason to suspect not just his place of birth, and some to suspect he's not even a natural-born human. So this should feel liberating, not oppressive.

It is important to explore the fascist insects' reasoning behind this, but in the end it matters not an ion.

The point is: It has to stop, and stopping it is OUR job.


I also agree with him about them forcing Dubya into office. That crossed my mind a million times during the entire eight centuries of his "administration"... that they were making him be that poster boy, and he was not happy about it. No, that doesn't excuse him, but it feels true when Freeman says it because it crossed my mind so many times and the notion was always almost instantaneously buried under my mountains of ire and I'm wondering if I ever even mentioned it in public. I must've said something about it to, say, Old Uncle Dave, once or twice, but all I recall for sure is the idea popping up a bunch of times over those mortifying millennia of his two unelected terms.


It's up to us.