i'm becoming uptight about this peaceful protest crap

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I mean, there's too much of an air of supplication about it nowadays. It isn't Gandhi's nonviolence. It's too passive—the wrong kind of passive—and "one down" to be effective. Teachings degenerate when copied. The real deal must constantly be refreshed, NOT copied. NOTHING can convey the actual when it has become a formula put into practice by people who only THINK they grok what it's about.

Now, Martin, Martin pretty much had the right idea, and fit what Gandhi had done to the specific conditions here, but nobody, except quite possibly Norman Finkelstein, is equipped today to put Gandhi's thing into practice. The rest of them are fakes, and WORSE, the space lizards have embraced it as a means to fit everyone on earth under their umbrella.

As much as I love people standing up, EVEN if they're ninnies about it, this just is feeling more wrong to me with the passing of each day. In fact, it's starting to make me ANGRY. Not a good sign. If it's doing that, that means it's too tainted to be workable.

If you look into it, there was NOTHING of supplication about Gandhi's movement to liberate India, and NOTHING of it in Martin's movement to install civil rights in the United States. A point Gandhi made, and Martin understood, and Norman repeatedly warns about, is: IF YOU ARE NOT PREPARED TO WALK SMILINGLY INTO A HAIL OF BULLETS THEN YOU BETTER FIGHT, AND FIGHT AS HARD AS EVER YOU CAN.

Martin knew they were going to assassinate him, and though I wouldn't call that exactly smiling, he stuck to it. THAT is a Buddha. If he had not stuck to it, he would be but a footnote in history to us now. Instead he is a source of strength, a constant reminder of LOVE.

THAT is a Buddha.

I think Norman knows this, and I don't think Norman wants to be a Buddha... or he is trying to prepare himself for it... but, in any case, what they CALL nonviolent resistance nowadays has morphed into supplicant mobs—victims gathering in righteous indignation to do their passive/aggressive head trips—and only serve to facilitate regime changes and more corrupt legislation. I don't like this.