new farrell interview

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It's pretty nice that he does so much that doesn't cost, but he does put his best information in his paid members' section on his site. So, if you like Farrell's stuff, maybe you want to think about springing for a membership.

I'm happy to report he's also corrupting children now.

I've pretty much restored the lost Tsarion playlists on my channel, but, of course, that doesn't help that they are no longer linked on so many Tsarion posts. I am thinking I might just start a master links post for him and try to keep just the one post updated. If you like Tsarion, maybe you want to buy his books and DVDs.

This same problem keeping playlists happening holds for a lot of the playlists I post. I try to stick to people who are not just fly-by-nighters as sources for the playlists, but many of them, very determined to keep the important stuff archived, keep getting their channels revoked by YouTube for copyright infringements or whatever, and then I have to hunt down new sources or the backup channels to get you back with the information. It's a lot of work. So if I seem to be flagging in that department, my channel will be in the best condition, playlists-wise, and I've put a link to it in my page footer hereinbelow.