of four minds

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On the matter of knowing the truth, we divide into four camps.

[1] We want it.

[2] We don't want it.

[3] We want it at any cost.

[4] We want it if it doesn't cost.

What a fantastic basis for our meditations! What a marvelous opportunity to put ourselves in the way of insight, if we will just stop and think about it, think all the way into it, instead of just thinking of it as a quip as we are already moving on to the next momentary flash in the great kaleidoscope for the attention of the hypnotized masses.

You need to be aware that we have what the Buddhists called the "storehouse consciousness", and it may be related somehow with what people think of as the "akashic record", but is also particular to each. When that storehouse particular to each is filled with crap, ugliness and baser intrigues and fluff, it is impossible to RISE. This, in turn, fills the akashic record with crap, and that keeps everything as it is.

So if you wonder why I keep pounding on you to try these thought experiments, to jump out of the system, to jump outside your own closed system, to drop preconceptions and SEE, this would be why. You are ACTUALLY dragging the world down when you just let yourself soak up all the negativity, let yourself bask in depression, let yourself race around to pick up every particle of the poison to gasp about, to ego trip on—spouting all the tropes prefab for this purpose—to use to identify yourself as against while this storehouse full of shit in fact pervades every room in your house, body and mind. You don't even know it, so completely deceived, deluded, by your conditioning do you find yourself now.

HOW does one jog you out of that complacency? EVERYTHING depends on it.