okay, sorry

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I seem to be sorry I went out into the world yesterday. I seem to be allergic to it. My left eye is trying to blow out of my face again and I'm nuking myself with ibuprofen to prevent having to put in the make-me-sick drops. I don't know if I should then just continue with the ibuprofen or go to the steroid drops they gave me. But it has made my vision COMPLETELY nutty. My contacts are +2.50 diopter to insure I can FIND my glasses. Today I am wearing my +5 diopter cheaters, which gives me a 7.5 magnification on really fine print. These are glasses you don't want to walk around in. You'll get seasick. Thing is: I can't read anything on the computer without them AND I can see in the distance BETTER with them on than without them.

Suddenly. In one day. Kaboom.

So I muddled through the Belmont Stakes thing in mounting discomfort, and finally it broke on my shores that this was the iritis thing coming back, at which point I started gobbling ibuprofen and trying to find the right combination of glasses to see anything with. Then I kept trying to lean on my compressed nerve elbow, kept having to straighten myself and ruin what measure of focus I had managed. So I went over to YouTube to find the guy with the really, really, really droning voice who likes to explain about geomantic arrangements, except he never makes any sense, but he's very persistent. I made a long playlist of his droning and turned it low so I could just get in bed to nap and nap and nap. I kept waking myself up with a hitch in my breath like something gluing together in my windpipe and then flipping back into dreaming about trying to tell this fellow how to make more sense in his videos, but he's sooooo damn talkative. Extremely hard to get through to him. He keeps talking over you....

I'm up now. I can almost see well enough to read what I'm writing.

But I don't think I'm going to do another thing until I am the world's FOREMOST authority on this.