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Living the way you've been trained doesn't cut it. PCR even says so.
A country whose population has been trained to accept the government's word and to shun those who question it is a country without liberty in its future.
But it's not here in any meaningful way in the present. I suspect his habits of mind prevent him seeing all the way into this.

I learned that Brian was sick and in need of funds to help get him treatment right away, and I learned of his death the day after it happened, but I didn't want to talk about it. I was too DEMORALIZED. It was too spirit-suckingly wrong. And we've been through the uselessness of even the most consequential personal sacrifices made in the name of protest. Do you remember the man who burned himself alive over this here? I remember him, but, shamefully, I have forgotten his name. We remember the monk who did it to stop the war in Vietnam... but I wonder how many of us even know an American self-immolated to stop these ones, let alone remember his name.

It isn't as cold as those who let every expression from us roll off their backs like water from a duck, and beat our heads in, or put us in jail, or marginalize us, or suicide us, when we are too successful at being heard, but the press of the mindfucking, our lifelong conditioning in overdrive, turns even the most determined almost completely insensible with the sheer volume of it... and I mean "sheer volume" to signal both overwhelming loudness and amount. I'm not mentioning this to give you an excuse.

I'm mentioning it to remind you to pull your head out of it.

They cannot control grownups. This is what the libertarians are all screaming about, but the liberals get mad at them because they all equate "grownup" with person who is self-sufficient, and all of us know—even when we choose to ignore it or denigrate it or make excuses to deny it—no one is self-sufficient, and least of all those not born into the happy accident of privilege. The hitch seems to be that even conservatives and libertarians don't really mind taking care of the less fortunate. They mind being taxed and enslaved in the name of it, when it is NOT even happening, and their own lives are getting tougher and tougher to support every day. That's just NOT so damn unreasonable as it's made to sound. Some do think "national defense" is more important than feeding the hungry, but most of them realize that's not even what it is anymore. It's really down to almost NO actual fundamental difference of opinion between all the parties but head trips. The creepiest part is that I believe a great many on all sides understand this in their guts, but keep hollering because they're afraid that if they stop, THAT will bring the boot down all the way.

It is down all the way. Sure, they could grind it harder, but there is actually no qualitative difference now....

You just know there is a greater chance it will grind on you if you break out of your well-worn groove.

This is not going to get easier. We either get to it or it's going to be harder, with dimmer prospects, with the passing of each day. Every trip to the grocery store. Every trip to the drug stores plastered with notices that your kids are barred from school until they are vaccinated. Every moment you forget to engage the cruise control. Every time you go to the airport or bus station or shopping mall or sporting event or some unmarked van passes you on the street.

And for WHAT?

Something in which you should never have been participating. They want you too confused to realize it, and you oblige.


I distinctly recall warning you about this.
Two top [space lizards] on Tuesday unveiled a resolution giving President Barack Obama limited authority in the 3-month-old war against Libya, warning that the drastic step of cutting off funds for the military operation would be a lifeline to a weakened Moammar Gadhafi.

Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry, D-Mass., and John McCain of Arizona, the leading Republican on the Armed Services Committee, introduced the bipartisan resolution that would allow the mission to continue but would impose a one-year limit on the NATO-led operation, a period McCain said is "more than enough time to finish the job." It also would prohibit American ground forces in Libya.

The measure is a clear counter to efforts in the House to prohibit spending and effectively end the operation, a reflection of the growing Republican and Democratic anger toward Obama and his treatment of Congress.

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said late Tuesday that the Republican rank and file would consider two possible resolutions — one mirroring the Senate measure by Kerry and McCain and another to remove U.S. forces from Libya except those involved in search and rescue, aerial refueling, intelligence and surveillance and noncombat missions. The Republicans would weigh the two at a meeting Wednesday.

"We have no desire to damage the NATO alliance, which has been a strong force for peace and stability in Europe and around the world," Boehner said in a statement. "We know that soldiers, sailors and airmen from our allies have fought by our side for decades, most recently in Iraq and Afghanistan, and we honor their service. Still, the White House must not ignore its obligations to the American people and the laws of this country."
If they follow the playbook carefully enough, they can drag their heels on this long enough to pass a tough measure against the rogue president about simultaneously with QADDAFI being blown to smithereens.