the truth is somewhere to be found

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My senior moment is stretching into a week. I thought this was the same press conference I posted from before. It's a new one. None of us should omit listening to it. There is ONE quadrant from which truth is emanating on the matter of our attack on Libya. Minister Farrakhan is providing it.

I was in the middle of getting this image to link you to THIS piece on the matter of Ofucker's weakness. and other important considerations, when this confusion was cleared up for me by Agent BB2. So, again, the spotlight belongs on the illimitable Farrakhan.

A great deal of my disinclination to bring up the news for the past few days has to do with Qaddafi's son coming out to offer elections as a resolution to the entire ordeal. He was answered by a fresh barrage of bombs by NATO, who are but the front for another "president" ceding the use of our military might to global conquest by space lizards. The

B E A U T I F U L . . . .

Farrakhan is throwing himself bodily between them and their goal.

THAT, too, is a bodhisattva.