would there were actually a pill for it

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My teacher always stressed that there was no pill to wake you up. So I found it quite humorous when Morpheus offered Neo his choice between the red pill of truth and the blue pill of sleepwalking. I was yelling, "TAKE THE RED ONE!" and laughing at the brilliant appeal to human frailty represented by those pills. Sure, it's a great trope to invoke while melting down over the sleeping masses sleeping through yet another nail in Earth's coffin, but, seriously now, there is no pill for this. You have to do it yourself.

It is really quite simple, but difficult as heck, because we expect a pill for it, not to have to face our demons for it, to just have some magic of intention drop a life's worth of delusion and this pretty red pill make manifest what we must discern for ourselves. Thousands of spiritual charlatans make plush livings off this little wish to just seem like an awake person and have the enlightenment pill ceremonially issued. A true heart is broken this way, and it is hard to settle down about it, hard to trust that it's karma doing it and those who really will awaken really will get what they need to awaken, but, clearly, that's the only way to live with it.

I'm saying all this as preamble to griping about how aggravating I am finding "progressive" websites, "progressive" charlatans. Old Uncle Dave linked me to Alternet's copy of the image link article, and starting to scan it, a voice in my head is going off about the nazism of Alternet. He'd also sent me something about Apple tax-dodging a day or two ago. Somebody else, a while back, sent me a link to the brat in Brooklyn—who is very loud about his feigned activism, as though this sets him apart from the legions of activism feigners—bitching about these sites keeping out serious people... just as though he were not one of the internet entrepreneurs in Kevin Zeese's stable.

Kevin Zeese is spreading like The Blob across cyberspace. If you bother to read the blather about clonazepam, you might catch the sensationalizing, the attitude of poor victims of unscrupulous doctors loading us down with lethal drugs, all us poor addicts who will do anything not to feel alive, not to be responsible, just to follow some wonderful leader who will do all the hard stuff for us... Kevin's bailiwick! He's a fascist insect and fascist insects are pumping us with ever more of the Righteous Victimhood that insures fascist insects NEVER lose their grips on our throats. Look at the pattern. Do NOT be surprised if you see a site dedicated to outlawing benzodiazapines, complete with easy petition and huge donation button, very soon.

Kevin Zeese is an attorney who specializes in turning websites into 501(c)(3)s and 501(c)(3)s into websites with those easy petitions and huge donation buttons for EACH affront that upsets us. He's a "progressive". He's everywhere. He's very successfully neutralizing any hope of liberal complaint ever turning into radical analysis. He's keeping you busy while Ofucker and the fascist insects who run him rip away all your rights and the very lives of millions of people around the world. It's his livelihood, and it can be yours too for a small fee. If you are still wondering how to make common cause with libertarians and conservatives, or if you are still wondering how they can be SO rabid against "progressives" and the "liberal elite", this could be your key.

Somewhere else I saw that Danny Schechter was screaming about Fox being created to polarize us, just as though he were not contributing to all the liberal media created to keep us polarized. Maddow will have him on for that one, I'm sure, or if not, well, he can try it again more colorfully. Yes, you might well wish for that red pill, but you have to LOOK. You have to STOP and LOOK and use your own determination to SEE actuality.

I beat myself up about my slowness, and yet, and yet, Jesus, it would seem I'm still faster than almost everyone! This is horrifying. Truly now, it horrifies me. I suffered a MONSTER setback when they clocked me at UCSF to bolt my head back on. It ripped decades of real progress off my mindscape and ended up pissing off my already iffy thyroid so badly that I was on the point of shooting myself if this lights-out-nobody-home-nobody-even-alert-enough-to-flip-the-switch left to get my shoes on, let alone propel me to the grocery store, could not be remedied. It's taken six years of hassling with medical professionals and nutrients and the unremitting crap from the fascist insects and some darn-serious self-recrimination, but I seem to be pulling out of it for real at last.

That surgery knocked me back to all the presets I'd been working so assiduously to disengage for so long. I had to learn it all the hard way over again. I was suddenly back in my hard-left-with-some-hard-right identity, getting my teeth kicked in and my heart broken left and right all over again. IT HAS BEEN WORTH IT, despite how uncomfortable it's been, despite all the pain-exacerbating and stupid self-recrimination coming up and having to be dropped every time I turn around, despite the sight of almost everything on the tubes still frustrating the snot out of me in my wish to be everywhere [painlessly] knocking blocks off at once.

Are you a liberal? Well, they are using your desire to have everyone fed and sheltered and healthy to tax the living snot out of everyone, everywhere. This is SLAVERY. And you keep not noticing that fewer and fewer people are fed and sheltered and healthy. Where the money is going is blaring in neon right in your face, but, nope, Fox is the root of all evil.

Get a brain, morans.

There is no red pill.

If there were, it would be the firing squad for possession... your fellow liberals would make CERTAIN of that.

There is no red pill.

Morpheus and Neo are actually soothing blue pill characters in some movies.

No amount of links to Network clips pierces your benighted mindscape.

No video full of dismembered victims of our hypnosis works either. They've been coming steadily for nearly a decade and, nope, no one has risen from their badly-named repose.

You have to pick which of Tsarion's four minds you are and quit deceiving yourself about it. If you don't like the honest answer to that, you have to fix that yourself. You have to fill your own mindscape with light and beauty and truth or it will never get spread to the suffering and dying world. It's a lot of very difficult work to do that simple thing, but THERE IS NO PILL FOR IT. You can't fake it. You can't just talk like it. You can't simply learn the buzzwords and use them.

You have to do the work.