you are getting sleeeepy

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For tonight's nap, I used this hypnotic blather. Just right for blotting out the nervous frequencies from everyone within a few miles radius and getting in my restorative napping thing. Total twaddle, but sounds so exaltedly humanistic and so perfect for hypnotizing the masses. Kind of like old PBS Nature episodes soothingly anthropomorphizing wild animals. Great for naps.

I had an urge to grab Max, the quantum computer guy, by the throat and tell him that if he had a processor for ones and a processor for zeros and a processor for both ones and zeros, he was STILL going to fail utterly to get at reality until, at least he could get in another processor for neither ones nor zeros, because reality is made up of all four propositions simultaneously.

I mean, ask Nagarjuna, you dope, but then I thought, no, better not clue him in because dangerous people will use the information to harm us more.

And the waste of billions of dollars they celebrate here BETTER be that they are actually working on black projects and not what they advertise, or we maybe should consider cutting off their water. Well, we should anyway.

But once I was fully within my dream state and that fellow who was moved to prove Hawking wrong—insisting that it's impossible to "lose information"—was speaking, this smart aleck black kid popped up and started yelling about What kine crap is this? Instantly I smacked him psychically and told him it MEANS you can't be worrying about some fucker come to kill yo ass because he can't kill you. You're still in the universe. Not gone. He seemed completely pacified by this notion. Not gaping in awe or trying to stay obnoxious, just instantly switched to studious. What was excellent about the dream was the speed with which I completely penetrated the consciousness of a sentient being, how he had just popped up like a piece of toast and there was no gap between his outburst and my ability to make reality dawn on him. It was not violent, but it was very brisk, like a smack that only makes noise, but not pain. Startling but not destructive or terrifying... and, as I say, faaaast. That felt good.

Anyway, this program I guess was for audiences in Britain and just as full of shit as the ones they make for us. I particularly wanted to tune up the IDIOT insisting that reality is math, that math is not a language we made up but the reality of the universe that we uncover. MORON. I wouldn't bother to dis him except that I feel that blather is even more dangerous than just hypnotic. It isn't the atheism of it that is dangerous, but it is to do with the deadness of the concept... even ignoring for the moment that it's outright ludicrous.... It's lifeless delusion borne in the consciousness of someone our best and brightest are conditioned to revere. THAT is lethal.