broken government

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If it were not so apocalyptically consequential, one might almost laugh and shrug at these hapless Einsteins. I mean, it's quite as though they have no part of an inkling they are NOT doing their jobs. If they did, they still would be completely mystified about how ever one was supposed to begin. The guys freaking out about cuts not being made are the same ones who keep voting for billions upon billions to pour out into criminal military adventures. The guys freaking out about no money to pay Social Security checks don't give a rat's ass whether another Social Security check ever goes to another elderly or disabled person. What they CARE about is not pissing off the people who pour money into their ability to keep posing as someone actually performing the function for which they were "elected".

You can't talk about this stuff without also talking about the ways the real money to cover everything, whatever the everything turns out to be, is actually generated. You can't speak or think or act cogently, can't manifest positive intent, if you don't have that going in. People who don't even READ the legislation written for them by people who were never elected, never even hired by an elected person, never even took an objective view of the work from the moment the task was assigned, are ONLY capable of making the noises that sound like whatever's on today's memo from the spin doctors and striking important-person poses as they negotiate their way through their security personnel in the public spaces between oligarch sanctuaries.

They know enough not to want to be bumped back into General Public status. That's all they know. That's all they do.

There isn't a true human anywhere in position to fix this.

It's not worth talking about.


Neither is the slaughter in Norway. It's shaping up to be as bogus as the rest—which, of course, we immediately knew anyway—and if no one is serious about putting the generators of these atrocities out of business, there's just no point in calling air sculptures up around it. People are dead. People are being slaughtered every day. Nobody is stopping them from killing us. The plan seems to be just to wring our hands while waiting for our turn on the killing floor.


Our human penchant for delusion, no matter how stubbornly we cling to it, never fazes actuality at all.