congenital disinclination to productive work

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I was going to say "thought" instead of "work" but, really, at bottom it's dirt laziness when it isn't pusillanimity. How many highly intelligent people do you know who are AS purposely useless in all this as those we love to call "sheeple"? How many do you know who can sit there and spout ENDLESS litanies of excuses not to rise—as humans, let alone physically get up and on the streets—endless circuits of the closed loops they call their minds? How many do you know who will argue any point until you are too exhausted and demoralized to press on, patting themselves on the back for their debating skills... while being in the wrong, and POISONOUS to living things, all along? How many people do you know who think they are spiritually inclined because they read those kinds of books, frequent those kinds of sites?


Never ONCE do they put down their puny little adamantine ego shield to get AT it... and they don't EVEN notice, so wrapped up in that closed loop, that mental prison, that STUPID programming of theirs they call "self"... and "the world". You are used to calling them "trolls", but you don't use that as your mirror to help free yourself of the very same programming in a different flavor, now do you? Do you EVEN realize that is a possibility, a useful tool? ARE you so loath to face yourself that you will continue to flap and flail and sputter INSTEAD OF RISE? Yes. Precisely.

Is Tsarion RIGHT about the good genes being slaughtered out of our gene pool? Do you take all the evidence of the purposeful mental conditioning, propaganda, dumbing-down and covert ops as your EXCUSE to just blame it on "them" and keep right on doing BUBKES to live up to yourself? Yes. Is that right? You know it's not.

You don't want to rise because you know people who rise stand out and are persecuted... sometimes executed. You might lose your job. You might lose your cell phone. You might lose your house. People might think you are jeopardizing your kids. The herd will shun you! All of these things, of course, are infinitely worse than living under a fascism that is ACTIVELY trying to kill you, ACTIVELY engaged in making you and everyone else sicken and die in the most profit-maximizing and personally unendurable ways. WHO can grasp the concept that they are in fact better off with NOTHING, needing to start from scratch, than continuing to dial back their chi with this relentless sophistry to the point where it barely sustains their breathing anymore?



And where are the ones working to create communities completely outside this paradigm, this zeitgeist? Are they invisible because they aren't bothering to invite people? Hoping they're not on a DHS hit list? Or are they invisible because they also will not do what it takes to GET there in themselves?