did they fail in their effort to call black ops 'government'?

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Or has Reuters just gotten stuck in oldspeak?
A U.N. envoy trying to [appear to] find a way to end Libya's war [quite unsurprisingly] made little visible headway on a visit to Tripoli for talks with the prime minister Tuesday.

The government told him NATO must end air strikes before any talks can begin and that Muammar Gaddafi's role as leader was non-negotiable, though rebels and the West insist he step down.
I am beside myself with this filthy fake-out for the masses, the total horseshit fight over what flavor austerity will be the most virtuous when neither side so much as whispers about the savings inhering a pullout of our troops from EVERYWHERE, nor do they mention ANY plan to put the people back on some kind of solid footing, AND it's right out there in BLACK AND WHITE the kind of money going out that created this FAKE-OUT to keep the slaves deluded, and it isn't just here.

It's everywhere. They keep telling us what they're doing, and we keep saying we don't like that, and they keep doing it, and pretty soon we quit even registering our oppositional mentalities that never muster more than words anyway, and they do the outright psychotic stuff they say they're going to do UTTERLY unimpeded by the fucking nitwits who voted in the puppets to make it look legal.


Yes. Yes you are.