gonna be bumping along home today

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Going back to Mendo World for the dentist this afternoon, and we will have to wait for the power to be turned back on, but once whatever the power company is doing to the lines is finished, my appointment should proceed. If I'm not too wiped from some unexpected awfultude, I'm going to just drive all the way home tonight. No sense in trying to unpack and repack everything ANOTHER time just to get a fresh start in the morning. I'm going to be back soon enough anyway.

So, either your regularly-scheduled craziness will resume tomorrow, or it will be a different approach entirely. It could be anything. It could be the answer to life universe and everything... or forcing three to go into forty-two fourteen times before doing a back flip and becoming a dancing girl in love with an oligarch. One can never tell.

I will do my level best to drive safely and mishap free. It IS one of the most beautiful drives in the entire world, so I can look at it that way.