grouchy people are really just trying to get your energy away from you

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Tsarion calls it vampirism.

[Except me, of course. When I'm grouchy, I yell at everybody, bellow scathingly loving things, and stay completely away from their energy. When I need energy, I can only get it by helping someone with something or dropping everything and turning into a wildly upbeat nut job in public. I'm so damn entertaining it rocks people out of their stupors and little beams of invigorating light flash into my inner space.]

[I have a bad habit of feeling people in my life, no matter where they are. When they are low, it's like a thousand pounds shackled to my cosmic ankle. I have to gripe about it to them, fill them with a bunch of Out There ideas and then try stolidly to ignore that goddam tonnage trying to drag on me. So, you might be thinking it's a damn good thing I'm into this Zen shit... or I'd be toast.]


[Well... I also feel people only in my life insofar as they are proximate. I can't see them. They're across the road, or down it, or next door, anywhere within about a mile of me. I have a theory that my extreme inclination to sleep during business hours is due to this problem. I don't want to deal with the energy. I want the space to function, to concentrate. This theory is too wuwu for almost everyone... and sleep specialists so totally cannot hang with it. So.... So it goes.]

[I'm going to watch a couple movies now. If either of them is any good, maybe I'll say something about it.]