henrik is doing a darn good series on zionism

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I think straight away, here, he gives all of us a really good reason for overcoming our terror of antisemitism. I do NOT like to harp on the everlastingly filthy imperatives of the chosen. There are a thousand sites uselessly hammering away at that 24/7/365, for one, and for two, I have a hard time picking between the octopus arms of lizardry itself. An amazing number of people have boiled the whole octopus down to one ultimate villain and fight over whether to call it "Jews" or "Zionists" or "Israelis" or whatever. I mean to say that the evil fucks in charge, irrespective of race or creed or sexual orientation or nationality, the people I childishly call "space lizards", are all in a lump seen as of the Judaic stripe, which isn't to be confused with Judaism, but habitually is confused with exactly that.

We see the beast making very bold in the clip Henrik plays right at the start of these two hours with Salbuchi. Her voice wafts in our ears and our minds light right up... if we are not still benighted by our desire to be known as progressives in good standing, that is. I think I am about at the point of wanting the gloves off. And STILL wonder if it was not exactly this that drove Hitler mad, into his fiendish expression of great altruism. I may never be able to answer that question that has been nagging at me for years now, but maybe Henrik is going to help me with it in his series.