i like icke

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And well you should too.

Mom and I were out to dinner at her favorite restaurant the other night. We always eat at the bar. We have two drinks and then order dinner. There were a couple of Brits sitting next to us at the bar and I was having something of a decent time because it was clear they were LITERATE, could speak intelligently about life, the universe and everything. I loathe that this is such a rarity these days, and even though my mother was somewhat mystified by all this blather going on, I decided to indulge myself, maybe at her expense or maybe to her enlightenment. Lort knows I have sat there staring blankly into my glass while she blathers away with her Rotary Idiots many's the time. They don't even GOSSIP interestingly. It's remarkable in its blunted blandness and insincerity.

Anyway, I mentioned my love for David Icke to the Brits. They couldn't believe their ears, got that look on their faces, and tried to inform me about what a clown he is, but I stopped them and told them that, yes, his notions of shape-shifting reptilians from outer space are highly suspect, BUT since everything else he talks about is so lucid and trends strongly toward making a future love paradise, I let him have his space lizards gig because, and nobody can deny this, it is a PERFECT metaphor for what we've got. To my surprise this couple almost immediately agreed that the sneering was pretty much the mainstream view and that Icke very well might be found meritorious when people get over themselves, get over the mainstream, enough to actually LISTEN to him. I got the distinct feeling they'd go home and DO that. Whaddya know?

I told them about the thought experimenting gig I'm trying to keep people trying here, the part about purposely hearing these people as though they were perfectly respectable people giving recitations of pristine truth, no matter how far out there it gets, just suspending the action of the inner censor for the duration, and then seeing what one has learned afterward. Nobody seems inclined to stifle that censor for even a minute, let alone an hour or two, and I really, really want people to find out that it is not only POSSIBLE to do it, but also BENEFICIAL to do it.

Another point I'd like to make is that EVEN if people like Icke are COMPLETELY full of shit, THEIR shit saves our asses, where the mainstream shit is KILLING everything. I don't happen to think they are completely full of shit, but I want you to figure out the difference between living mental conditioning and death urge mental conditioning. I want you to FINALLY realize that your mentality has been conditioned and that YOU can uncondition it... that you MUST if you want a beautiful world.