icke made veitch and can unmake him

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Without even being awful about it.
I completely understand the frustration expressed here by a guy who clearly feels deeply about what is happening in the world. Good on you, mate.

But frankly I don't care what the BBC says. I don't care what Charlie Veitch says. He has a right to his opinion and like all of us he takes the consequences of his actions. The day is coming when he will deeply regret what he has done, but, hey, life's an experience.

I have been on this road for a very long time - long before 9/11 - and no-one could have been subject to the attacks, ridicule and dismissal that I have over 21 years from the mainstream media, including the BBC. Surely no-one could survive that? Surely what I am saying couldn't survive that?


We heard yesterday that of an estimated 255 million websites on the internet, Davidicke.com is in the top 5,000 most visited in the United States and the top 6,500 in the world. Crikey, all those attacks were so damaging weren't they?

It doesn't matter what the BBC says. It doesn't matter what Charlie Veitch says. We can't change that.

What matters is what we say and what we do.

Truth has power far more potent than lies or ignorance. That is why the truth will out and it is happening by the day.

We just need to stay calm and get on with it.
Last night, I got a robo call from Richard Gage. Telephone calls from machines make me irate—blood spurting from my eyes—instanter. They've gone from being illegal to standard procedure for many businesses and organizations. I don't mellow out about this sort of thing because it becomes "normal". I become instantly irate BECAUSE they will normalize and further hellify our lives. Banks and their finger prints. Post Offices and their notes from landlords or county registrars. Airports and their barefoot sex slaves.

Anyway, if I ever gave Gage my phone number, which I don't think I did, it would not have been for the purpose of hassling me with robo calls. It would have been for the purpose of arranging to donate my time. And THAT would have been before I saw irrefutable evidence of him purposely omitting a crucial reference he knows by heart in response to a direct question by a MSM hairdo, which was coincident with my researches into the extent of Milquetoast's involvement in FALSELY turning cold fusion into a verboten subject. I was doing all this deeper looking because it was dawning on me that Judy Wood's work, ridiculed by nearly all as The Space Beam Theory, was in fact a far superior body of work. It takes care of all the questions we had to just leave dangling with the thermite and nukes ideas and has relied on a massive collection of evidence and legal action instead of darling little frontpersons to stand up at conferences and go campaigning for followers. If you think about that part of it alone, ignoring the meat of the work for a moment, which faction would you say meant business?

I don't want to fight with anybody. I want truth and positive manifestation to rule the world.