it begins

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I had just been laughing over the term "climate dolts" when I came upon this. Better to call it just plain "dolts" and call it a day, sez me. Earlier, I was listening to an interview with Michael Cremo, who seems to think we have been here far, far, far longer than anyone else dares postulate, and that civilization has risen and fallen many, many times. I don't know why, exactly, but I am dead CERTAIN he is right, and being so certain of this does not in any way advocate for another downfall of humanity as far as I'm concerned.

Sure, it's entertaining to postulate fabulous cataclysms due any day that will either obliterate all life on earth or just us, but I'm not even certain that extinctifying us would get rid of us, and know for certain it is vastly, cosmically, preferable that we rise rather than go extinct or even continue on as we have been. The lucky part about all the horrors we face is that it is indeed impetus to transcend our blockheaded and evil ways. Circumstances are putting the squeeze on us. We rise or we die... and, all mordant humor aside, picking the dying is for space lizards and their minions... EVEN if by some stroke of utter karmic genius planetary cataclysm wipes us from the map of time per cosmic schedule. Yes, even if we have NO choice about our extinction anymore, or if we never had a choice to begin with, I am completely unsure it is possible to make extinct this life form.

That might sound outrageous, but I feel it. I feel many advanced civilizations before us. Yes, there have been hints in the texts from the ancients I read, but nothing definitive, and I felt it before I even started that. Cremo says there's more pointed mention of it in ancient Sanskrit manuscripts, but, well, maybe I could learn that language by the time I'm 70 and find out, or maybe I could just get better at taking in the akashic record. Since I seem to have to hear things in order to see them, that would be the better option for me... I think. Even before my vision got this bad, the tactile and the audial have been the drivers of my sight, the agar from which springs my recognition of patterns, my insight. So, anyway, the more work I do on myself, the more strongly I feel it.

I love that Klaus Dona video so much, with all the ancient artifacts that are both perfectly and impossibly engineered and feel completely to be of nature instead of artifice. THOSE feel correct to me. THOSE feel like love to me. THOSE fit in a world where people live in balance with the planet, a world of abundance, devoid of hierarchy, devoid of all the senselessness mandated by greed. Space lizards are lazy. They need servants to feed them and attend to their every whim, people to be below them, livestock, LAB RATS, dog and pony shows. This necessitates things like wars and the pillage of local cultures everywhere. This, and this alone. If we cannot stop it, we each must rise anyway, ourselves... or it will be worse for living things into the future. I feel this strongly.

I do not feel that we will be reincarnated, or not in the sense almost everyone seems to take that. I think that sense held in common is not sensible and mistakes the ancients' use of the term. They meant to remind you of your true identity, that you are everything that ever was or will be. You will not die. You can not die. You have no beginning and no end. While you are walking around you have infinite beginnings and endings. You die in every moment and you, stupidly, choose to reincarnate yourself in the next. You could skip that part, but it NEVER occurs to you, EVEN when someone mentions the possibility to you. I have always referred to the choice of the wrong you to identify with as The Big Mistake, made even bigger because everything around you supports you in it. Further, everything around you seeks to punish you if you won't go along with it. Consensus trance is the ultimate dumber-downer. Your very urge not to be lumped in with whatever you call it bids you grasp for whatever is not called that. You are so fucked.

I suppose you won't stop the strip mining of the Arctic either. I wonder how many eons of agony awaits consciousness itself as a consequence of this disinclination to budge. I wonder at the beings who really CAN think death or extinction means we are well and truly out of it, that it's for the remains to handle, that all that matters enough to spend one's life on is making it to one's deathbed with the least amount of risk, that taking care of oneself is the only imperative.... Sure... if EVERYONE took care of themselves, that might almost hold, but nobody CAN do that anyway, except within the air boundaries of some completely deluded set of completely imaginary perameters. ANIMALS seem to understand this. I actually think they DO understand it.

Anyway, I'm sorry, but not even the end of the world ends this.

Maybe I should be trying to etch a book into titanium... or rock... or a really well-built pyramid....