occam's razor doesn't apply to 9/11 or jfk

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I am in the midst of trying to catch up, having quite a few hours of YouTube subscriptions to wade through still, but I managed to get a nice careful listen to the Fetzer interview Phil emailed me about. It's two hours long—the first hour being about the JFK assassination and the second about 9/11—and packed with really good information. So if you didn't bother the first time, maybe you'd reconsider now.

Fetzer has retired, and so now has time to devote to more online activity.



You may recall that before the big blowup at 9/11 Scholars, Fetzer was HIGHLY respected for his JFK work. The blowup seems to have been about Fetzer trying to get the most complete picture of what might account for all of the observables at 9/11 and Jones was focussing entirely on thermite. For my part, I fell for Jones' Milquetoast approach, fell for my own predisposition to immediately suspect academicians who forcefully advocate for anything—because that, in my book, is always about ego, about status, about tenure, about planet-poisoning interpersonal hierarchies and NOT the issues—and preference for reasonable tones when the atmosphere is charged. Again, they KNOW this about me. They KNOW this about you.

As I have stated, I am ashamed of this. I let my knee jerk up over the insertion of space beams and no planes, and left my attention stream on the mild-and-reasonable-sounding research. That I was far from alone in this error isn't consoling me. All I can do now is confess that I was wrong to do it, and try to get on what may very well be the right track.

A crucial point that needs to be stressed is that thermite, thermate, nanothermite or even thermitic material does not, so far as can be ascertained, account for the explosive aspects at the WTC. It so totally can account for cutting through steel, but not for powderizing it. I can go so far as to allow that if the towers were painted with it, inside and out, it very well might have dropped the buildings like stones, but it still doesn't account for the velocity of the debris blowing well away from its original state. That point has nagged at me from the beginning. I had to settle for taking it on faith that it could do this because I could NOT find any support for it. I went along, but that point still bugged me.

Since learning more about what's coming to be called "Tesla Physics"... torsion physics or scalar physics... that whole branch of physics that is verboten in the mainstream to this day, I have been mentally able to scrutinize Judy Wood's work and it IS superior in every way to the thermitic material hypothesis. Looking back, Jones was the one who shot down the cold fusion research, when, as it turns out, that was wildly contrary to the public interest, and looking at this debate, one must remember that Jones, and most who are following his line of reasoning, sticks doggedly to the use of Building Seven as the basis. That building WAS brought down in a perfectly executed classic controlled demolition. So he, and others, wittingly or unwittingly, can propound this theory with little risk of being held out as liars.

I also would not hear of the "no planes" thing, EVEN as I agree that the cartoonish plane-shaped holes in the towers seem highly implausible, but I figured the speed of the planes could make the impacts act a LOT differently than one would expect. Think about hitting the water from hundreds of feet up instead of just off the diving board. The velocity of the impact turns water into something that acts more like concrete. It doesn't stretch my credulity to think it would be similar with flimsy airplane material smacking into a steel building, BUT there is now a chorus of professionals who INSIST it is physically impossible that planes could travel at that speed at that altitude. Pft. The planes just evaporated.

STILL, there's just no way I'm believing it was a video hoax. I can believe a lot of witnesses were very confused about a lot of different aspects, but there are certain things just about everyone at the scene agrees on. Explosions and hearing the planes... approaching and smacking into the towers. It's not as strong on the seeing them part, most of that has seemed to be self-evident from video, but too many people on the street and in the buildings and nearby buildings describe hearing the impact, and you can SEE people on the street suddenly looking up when the planes are approaching.

Except, there is INDICATION that the state of holographic technology is a lot more advanced than I might have dreamed, complete with sound effects.

THAT lets me now hold my mind open to the notion of no planes at all being involved in 9/11... except insofar as there MAY have been some planes that left that morning and never arrived at their scheduled destination... and not even THAT is clear anymore. I recently heard someone insisting two of the flights weren't even scheduled that day. I've heard people insisting that two of the planes supposedly involved are still extant. So... there may not have been any planes involved, or a couple of flights may simply have been flown into the ocean to provide some dead people for the ruse. Pft.


It seems that there is a sort of unanimity of opinion forming over the theory that a number of different players conspired to assassinate JFK. Fetzer is approaching it from the identities of shooters and persons on scene, and Farrell is approaching it from the angle that each of the factions was represented in the Warren Commission. Hoagland is adamant that LBJ was the mastermind because of his having ordered the carpets in the Oval Office be changed to red ones the day BEFORE the day of our doom in Dallas.


I guess my main point here is that it is immaterial to space lizards how intelligent and critically thinking you might be. They can fuck you up anyway... and DO. It is wise to rely on your own mind, but NOT on what you think. What you think has been conditioned into you by mindfuckers who have mindfucked the people you trust, the authorities, the media, the universities, libraries of intricate tomes in all THE most respected places.


Heh, I can hear Rummy's shtick about unknown unknowns... and damned if he wasn't RIGHT!


Realize you ONLY think you know most of what you say you know. This is deep and it is arduous, but if you want out, you will heed this point.