what does it mean to have the right to speak if you're on the moon?

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Extradition hearing tomorrow, which will be the middle of the night tonight for me.

In case you missed it, Assange and Zizek, with a means to donate linked in the video itself.


It nags at me. WHAT was Julian doing living in Egypt with such perfect cover in 2007?

But more than that it nags me that "Elvis" Zizek and "Juju" Assange, completely without their consent or knowledge, can be used by the PTB because of their popularity. All kinds of things can be attached to them that they might not be quick enough to disavow, being as complementary as they are. Anonymous. Stay away from "anonymous". Others supposedly in solidarity. Keep clear. Don't let love of mythical heroes turn into the truncheon that splats your brains all over the pavement.