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The filthy S.O.B.s. We finally get the full Lamo/Manning chat logs... now that everyone's been in jail on bogus charges for months on end. I heard Paul Joseph Watson mutilating the word "disenfranchised" in a report stating 9/11 Truth activists had arranged for an interview with Julian Assange sometime earlier today, but I don't see any posts on it anywhere... yet. Mayhap he can clarify for the pissed off what he meant when seeming to be dissing Truthers last year. Do remember he was the one to publish ALL the texting from on the day, and there WAS stuff found in there that put the lie to the official version, so it could still be that there's only been a misunderstanding about it. I can see where he may have been expressing his unhappiness with the childish and circus-like approach of certain factions....


And I do mean FILTHY. This part was supposedly too hot to include while ratting him out to the public.
(02:54:44 PM) info@adrianlamo.com: in all seriousness, would you shoot if MP’s showed up? ;>

(02:55:04 PM) bradass87: why would i need to?

(02:55:18 PM) info@adrianlamo.com: suicide by MP.

(02:55:34 PM) bradass87: :L

(02:55:39 PM) bradass87: do i seem unhinged?

(02:56:04 PM) info@adrianlamo.com: i mean, showed up – for you – if Julian were to slip up.

(02:56:46 PM) bradass87: he knows very little about me

(02:56:54 PM) bradass87: he takes source protection uber-seriously

(02:57:01 PM) bradass87: “lie to me” he says

(02:57:06 PM) info@adrianlamo.com: Really. Interesting.

(02:57:34 PM) bradass87: he wont work with you if you reveal too much about yourself
It certainly wouldn't have done to let people know the horseshit about their collusion was made up.

I'm still not convinced Manning didn't just trade this "confession" for a sex change operation, but I did get from it what he said should be public and was important for everyone in the world to know. It was a bad job of incriminating Assange if that was the deal... but that might not have been the deal.