a word on anonymous

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I just got another "anonymous" video emailed to me. They are advertising a social network for people to join to take part in their peaceful rebellion. They have been on the WRONG side of many of our pushbutton revolutions. They hacked the Libyan Government in response to their "civil war"? They hacked the Iranian election? Look at all that freedom pouring into Tunisia and Egypt on their account. I know, I know, they did paybacks for WikiLeaks. Those "paybacks" didn't hurt at all.

They've opened freeways for the free pillage of the Middle East and Northern Africa by oligarchs.

If they were ever a genuine opposition, it is identical to what happened with the Tea Party Movement. The Republicans leapt on it, took it over. Repression 101 is: Infiltrate. Co-opt. Sometimes even CREATE your own opposition. If they are advertising a forum for us to go interact, it is for the purpose of identifying us. The revolution will NOT be online.

These people are NOT our friends.

Plus, they are hooking up with the Kevin Zeese "progressive" inactivist nonprofit paycheck generation axis.

What does THAT tell you?

They are an arm of the fascist insects' machine.