even when it's your food

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I guess you somehow can't look at the food you have been purchasing your whole life as now poison.
Obama put Monsanto in a position to be in charge of all food and farms in the US by making a Monsanto VP named Michael Taylor, Czar of the food safety division of the FDA. That division (that is to say, Monsanto) is in court right now attempting to remove the right to choose food, consume or feed our children the food of our choice, the right to contract between ourselves (for it or anything else), and the right to our bodily and physical health. Worse, the case appears rigged to be lost and to leave those precedents.
That one is too hard for almost everyone. Take me. I decided to save money and be healthier by having popcorn drenched in my 3/6/9 oil one meal a day. It took me a couple months before the lightbulb went on. That's GMO corn I'm popping. Two steps back for every one I take forward.